Bookmakers have suspended the odds of Chelsea

Bookmakers have suspended the odds of Chelsea manager José Mourinho losing his job after his team suffered a 3-1 defeat against Liverpool at home.

This was the sixth league defeat of the season for Chelsea and they continue to languish near the bottom of the table. It now ranks as the worst title defence by any team in Premier League history.

Mourinho has been unable to provide any sort of recovery to the team, which has been slipping down the table and in terms of form ever since the start of the season. Mourinho only recently signed a new long-term contract but that is unlikely to see him continue in the job for much longer.

There have been rumours that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was ready to make a change after witnessing the result of the Chelsea vs Liverpool match. It turned out as yet another sour result for the team, as the blues lost 3-1 in front of their supporters. After suffering just one defeat in more than 75 home matches under Mourinho, Chelsea have already surpassed the number by several times this season. The team has tasted only three league victories so far and a revival seems far away.

Carlo Ancelotti has been placed as the favourite to take over from Mourinho. Ancelotti is currently free to take over at Chelsea after having left the job at Madrid a few months ago. The Italian also has vast experience of being the manager at Stamford Bridge.”Following the result we’ve decided to pause and take a breaker with our next boss to go market while we wait for further news.Meanwhile, Ancelotti appears to be making headway in the race to replace Mourinho as and when he does leave,” said Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes. The likes of John Terry are also in line for the job.