For fans of international football there’s a real treat in store tonight as the Carling Nation’s Cup match between Ireland and Wales kicks off at 7.45pm. You can watch the match itself on Sky 1 and follow the action and of course to make things more interesting, the Ireland v Wales football betting is already open.

For the Carling Nation’s Cup, a football tournament between the Celtic countries it makes sense that we look at tonight’s book at Paddy Power online bookmakers.

Going into the match, Ireland is by far the favourite to win with outright odds of 8/11, Wales as the underdogs are going into the match at 4/1 to win, while Paddy Power online are offering 5/2 for the draw.

Can Wales hold on for the draw? That could certainly provide generous odds and if they could hold on for a win you’d be laughing all the way to the bank, but this isn’t the only match betting available for the match as Paddy Power are offering a whole host of bets. There’s handicap betting to balance out to the two teams but we think the money in the Ireland v Wales game tonight is in the correct score betting! There are some fantastic odds available if you can predict the correct score for tonight. This sports writer just got a very generous 7/1 on Ireland to win 2 – 1, do you have a score prediction? Click the banner above and see how much money a correct guess at tonight’s football score could get you at Paddy Power online sportsbook.