Italian football continues being hit by betting scandals

Italian football has a history of being plagued by scandals involving bets and illegal actions where players, managers, owners, referee were all accused of corruption.

Clubs were blamed of rigging games where they could select favorable referees and these scandals have had a big consequence with Italian clubs as Juventus was retracted from a number of titles that they had won during the season of 2004-05 and 2005-06.

The entire board of directors of Juventus resigned as well as other recognizable players, managers and referees.

Those events took place over 10 years ago but Italian football still continues being hit with claims of corruption and things of this nature.

There was a recent betting incident that occurred involving top Italian clubs including: Ac.Milan, Napoli and Lazio. A number of figures from those clubs those previously mentioned clubs have recently been targeted by Italian police investigations due to an alleged tax evasion issue but they have dismissed their roles and participation from these allegations.

Ac. Milan’s Adriano Galliani is one of the more recognizable icons in Italian football that has been accused with tax evasion but the club has recently launched a statement which read:

“Today, the public prosecutor of Naples decided to give Adriano Galliani a termination notice relating to the investigation for a series of events that are absolutely marginal and not founded and which will come to a resolution, in terms of both tax and criminal law, with a due dismissal,”

There also are a number of players who are either still performing in the Italian League Serie A or used to compete in there in the past who are being accused with tax evasions as well as a host of other issues. Diego Milito and current striker of Atalanta German Denis are a few of the players who have been put under investigation.