Joey Barton is being accused of misconduct due to betting on matches

Joey Barton is a controversial football player that has had a history of being involved in legal issues due to his own actions and this has seen the English performer having to spent time in jail back in 2008 after being entangled in a street fight.

Fast forward to 2012 and Joey Barton received a 12 matches long suspension due to making a number of violent actions during a game in the Premier League. It’s 2017 now and Joey Barton is still involved in legal problems which could lead up to the 34 year old English player either returning to jail, being suspended once again or having to pay a fine.

The latest dispute that Joey Barton is being involved with is in relation to him placing over 1,200 bets on matches or tournaments in the span of around 10 years.

The Premier League club Burnley has issued a statement which reads: “Burnley Football Club have today been made aware of FA charges brought against Joey Barton relating to historic betting on football matches. The club will be discussing the matter with Joey and his legal representatives and will be making no further comment on the matter at this time.”

Burnley is expected to discuss what has been going on with Joey Barton himself and see if any solutions can be made in order for the veteran player to avoid receiving any further suspensions or fines.

According to the FA, it was discovered that Joey Barton had placed bets on football matches starting from March 26 of 2016 until May 13 of 2016 in which he had gambled on the result or progress of how a match would develop and this is a breach of the FA rule E8