Leicester City’s odds of being in first place were 5,000-1

Everyone in the world of football is looking in disbelief as Leicester City have still managed to stay at the top of the Premier League as the team of Claudio Ranieri are displaying dominance a huge dominance in the top tier English league.

After 31 league games, Leicester City has collected a total of 66 points and are in 1rst place and for those who actually bet on them at the beginning of the season are getting a huge pay-out.

The odds of Leicester City being in pole position at these advances stages of the Premier League were of 5,000-1. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this was the same odds as Elvis Presley coming back from the grave and throwing a concert, in other words it simply was impossible but Claudio Ranieri has turned the impossible into a reality as Leicester City have proved their worth throughout the entire season with consistently high level performances.

Just to take things into context, the longest odds that a single match in football has ever had was back in 2951 when USA overcame England and this was a hugely surprising result as the odds of this happening was 500-1.

The biggest reason of why Leicester City was not even considered to be a club that would be able to snatch a spot in the top 5 of the Premier League is due to the fact that they were just recently promoted to the English league and had been struggling trying to get into the top tier league and were competing in the English League Championship for the past few years but things have been taking a turn for the better with the team of Claudio Ranieri just plowing through everything.

Claudio Ranieri’s team has a combined total cost of around $30 million, this is a very low amount of money for a squad that has been running rampage in this season and this another one of the reasons of why Leicester City’s campaign has been so surprising.