Poor arrangments bring more exposure to World Cup 2014

Long distances between certain matches, extreme climatic conditions, the very limited time for construction of stadiums, all of these are just a few of the factors which caused controversy in the 2014 World Cup.

The latest edition of the World Cup forced a few nations and squads on having to play their respective matches in completely different weather conditions as well as obliging the squad on having to travel long distances within a limited lapse of just a few days before playing in their next match.

Despite all of these factors and inconveniences and many other ones, the 2014 World Cup was held in Brazil and Germany was crowned as the champions. Even with a few of the incidents that occurred during the event, it was still played with millions of fans tuning in and watching their nations compete against the best in the world.

The next World Cup has already been made official to the public that it will be hosted in Russia in 2018 and even with all of the latest incidents which is occurring in a conflict with Ukraine, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has revealed their support towards the event taking place in Russia.

Not too long ago it was revealed that half of the federal budget funds of Russia will be utilized in order for preparation and the main programs that are going to be used in order for all the arrangements for the upcoming footballing event to take place. The budget is believed to be around $15.6 billion.

“As a positive result, we would consider perfect preparation for the World Cup to make a grant holiday for football lovers across the globe. We need to be hospitable and assiduous at the same time. Money has to be used sparingly and thriftily. We have to ensure close cooperation and coordination of all agencies and services involved…There should be no problems or discomfort created for athletes or football fans,” Putin said.