Roy Hodgson will stay in the national side only if he’s wanted

Roy Hodgson is the manager of the England national team. The English national side has recently gone through a roller coaster of a ride filled with highs and lows. England was knocked out from the 2014 World Cup in the group stages as they failed to advance any further after losing against Italy and Uruguay.

Even with such a disappointing campaign, Roy Hodgson decided to stay in charge of the national team and things have been taking a turn for the better as the English squad is at the top of Group E of the 2016 Euro’s qualifiers and have been undefeated ever since their early exit from the past World Cup.

Ever since the 2014 World Cup concluded, England has claimed victories against: Switzerland, San Marino, Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Hodgson has a contract with the English national side which expires in 2016 and even though things have recently been going so well for him and his players, he is unsure about what will happen after his contract expires as anything can happen in football.

If for the next 3 years more positive results continue arriving for the English national side then Roy Hodgson would be more than happy to stay and extend his stay as the manager of the national team but Hodgson is well aware that things in football isn’t as always as easy.

The experienced manager would like to extend his current contract with England but it will depend on other factors which are out of his reach and control including the FA and the fans of the English side.

England’s Roy Hodgson told the media: “It’s tempting to think that one could stay longer and see these players further down the line but it has got to be wanted, first by the FA, and it has to be wanted by the English people because you see so many examples.

If England manages to win the upcoming 2016 or at least make an impressive display, Hodgson will surely have his contract extended for a few more years and will be allowed to compete in the 2018 World Cup which is something that the experienced manager wants as he desires to get revenge for the dreadful World Cup that he and his team sustained one year ago.