Russia ready host 2018 World Cup of Football

Russia is getting ready to host the 2018 World Cup and one of their initial tasks is to rebuild some stadiums which just aren’t fit or prepared to receive all the amount of fans which are going to be travelling there in order to watch their favorite players and nations duke it out in the pitch.

Arena Pobeda is a new stadium which is currently being built on the former site of the Central Stadium between Mamaev Kurgan and the right bank of the Volga. In this pitch there was an old stadium but it’s going to be demolished and rebuilt as a number of changes will be made.

In the demolishing process of this stadium, 11 unexploded World War II bombs were discovered and are now being removed. The Arena Pobeda stadium is expected to be completed in November of 2017 and will accommodate 45,000 fans but it could take longer if more unexpected things are discovered in the pitch where the stadium is going to be built.

Despite these potentially dangerous discoveries, Michael Platini is confident that everything concerning the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be organized and executed perfectly.

“We are confident in a perfect organization of the World Cup 2018 and we are sure that a lot of tourists will visit Russia. Russian football has very strong positions… some journalists say that your level of football is not high enough, but we do not think so,” Platini said.

Putin has had to convince the FIFA President SeppBlatter and a number of other football authorities on allowing the upcoming worldwide football tournament to be set on Russia which was not being viewed as a potential or appropriate place to be hosted, taking into consideration all of the disputes which have been going on involving Ukraine and Russia but despite all of this problems, Russia was officially announced as the place where the 2018 World Cup is going to be held.