Soccer betting to rise in January

Police in China is being vigilant for the rise of illegal betting sites during the Asian Cup. This football tournament involves many countries across Asia and this is a great opportunity for soccer betting sites to make some money.

China has witnessed a surge in online gambling in recent years and each time there is a big tournament police needs to be wary of illegal soccer betting sites trying to take advantage of gamblers.

This problem is prevalent in many countries across South East Asia due to the fact that gambling is illegal in some territories and many people view online betting as a means to make some money.

The police said that it is not easy to track illegal gambling nowadays because technology makes it easy for betting sites to be set up and to make their dealings. For as long as there will be a demand for soccer betting sites there will be people getting involved in illegal betting sites.

Illegal soccer betting sites have been a major problem during recent years and police are always on the lookout for such sites to close down. But with technology such as Bitcoins, it has become increasingly difficult for the police to track down money involved in soccer betting.

A security expert has warned gamblers that betting on illegal sites can cause security problems for their computers as well as mobile experts. Indeed many illegal soccer betting sites are run by hackers.

The Asia Cup will run from 5 January to the 1st February and is being held in the United Arab Emirates. Australia is currently the holders of the tournament and they are the favorite again to win the tournament. The winner of the tournament will be representing the Asian Confederation in the Confederation cup,