This particular startup is building AI to bet on soccer matches

For those unaware of what AI is, it´s artificial intelligence and this is currently being utilized on a variety of things that can range from video games to cars and even our own cell phones has AI integrated into them.

Siri and Cortana are types of artificial intelligence which is used in mobiles while in cars it´s being tested for automobiles that drive themselves without any kind of human interaction.

These are just a few of the examples on how artificial intelligence is being utilized, it´s important to take into consideration that there are many other cases and fields where it has already been implemented in different ways.

One of the more innovative or latest fields where it´s currently being experimented on, is involving the world of sports betting.

There is a startup by the name of: Stratagem is trying to find patterns in results of soccer and basketball matches with the objective of identifying ways to make money off of them.

The artificial intelligence of Stratagem creates its calculations after having watched a standard broadcast feed of the match, it´s during this game that the system tracks the ball as well as the players trying to identify which team they are on based on the color of their jersey.

From this point on, a 2D map of the entire pitch is created and then the software studies games trying to figure out what are the goal-scoring chances from each team or the different combination of players that could occur in which someone can realistically take a shot and score or at least attempt to do so.

Whether or not this startup is indeed able to actually kick-off in full force and be able to create their predictions utilizing this artificial intelligence is something that remains to be seen and only time will tell.