US tops Soccer Betting

In the world of betting in soccer, the US is known to have the most number of bettors. According to the statistical figures, the amount of betting in soccer, be it club or world cup matches, US bettors bet the most.
But there are some flaws in the betting strategies of the US bettors. In most of the cases it has been seen that bettors lose profit as they go by their heart and they also do not follow methods and often change their bets.

Sherman Jeff, assistance manager of a famous US club said, “There are more than 100 players in our club, people bet for these player and put different values for each of the player. US fans also offer good bet for players from Germany. Sometimes the famous players also don’t lack their fan following even after putting a cold performance in a match with some weak team.”

According to the betting experts in the US, the trends of betting are similar with the NBA matches and its players. However, there is an interesting fact in the betting of soccer. According to US sports analyst Ted Jefferson in the 2014 world cup, people should bet for the draws to get extra profits.

“These days you don’t bet for win or lose, you don’t even want some big team like Brazil or Italy to win the crucial matches in an important even like world cup, rather if you bet for draw, you get lucky,” said Jefferson.

The veteran betting experts of the US said that the world cup 2014 will going to be a big event for the bigwig bettors. “Like super bowl, big wagering is expected during the 2014 world cup. Football is a public sport and most of the public money is put on the sport during its international events. Like basketball, baseball, US bettors love to put their money on football,” said a bettor in the Las Vegas market, which is known to be one of the soccer betting hot spots in the world.

Another betting destination for football is Nevada and US bettors also bet for golden boot awards. “We want to put money not only on the number of players but also on their quality and skill,” said another bettor is the US.