Soccer Bets Winning Tips

If you are looking to purchase winning soccer bets you need to get them from someone reputed.

That can become a source of income for you. Today football odds are difficult to figure through. As a novice, you might not stand a chance, even if you go through all the news articles and think you have enough information to make a prediction. The odds can be figured out with the help of expert advice as well as tips along with general information.

Leicester City’s odds of being in first place were 5,000-1

Everyone in the world of football is looking in disbelief as Leicester City have still managed to stay at the top of the Premier League as the team of Claudio Ranieri are displaying dominance a huge dominance in the top tier English league.

After 31 league games, Leicester City has collected a total of 66 points and are in 1rst place and for those who actually bet on them at the beginning of the season are getting a huge pay-out.

Italian football continues being hit by betting scandals

Italian football has a history of being plagued by scandals involving bets and illegal actions where players, managers, owners, referee were all accused of corruption.

Clubs were blamed of rigging games where they could select favorable referees and these scandals have had a big consequence with Italian clubs as Juventus was retracted from a number of titles that they had won during the season of 2004-05 and 2005-06.

The entire board of directors of Juventus resigned as well as other recognizable players, managers and referees.

Doncaster Rovers will be one of the teams looking to achieve giantkilling

Doncaster Rovers will be one of the teams looking to achieve giantkilling in the FA Cup when they take on Premier League side Stoke City in front of their own supporters.

The home support will certainly provide the League One team an added advantage going into the game. This seems to be the main consensus behind many bookmakers backing Doncaster to create a giantkilling in this weekend’s third-round action. There are plenty of other fixtures in the FA Cup this weekend, but the home advantage provides the League One outfit with more than just hope.

Bookmakers have suspended the odds of Chelsea

Bookmakers have suspended the odds of Chelsea manager José Mourinho losing his job after his team suffered a 3-1 defeat against Liverpool at home.

This was the sixth league defeat of the season for Chelsea and they continue to languish near the bottom of the table. It now ranks as the worst title defence by any team in Premier League history.

Roy Hodgson will stay in the national side only if he’s wanted

Roy Hodgson is the manager of the England national team. The English national side has recently gone through a roller coaster of a ride filled with highs and lows. England was knocked out from the 2014 World Cup in the group stages as they failed to advance any further after losing against Italy and Uruguay.

Bhutan still confident of getting good in World Football

Bhutan may be regarded as one of the lowest ranked teams in world football, but that is not preventing the national team’s captain, Karma Shedrup, to be confident about his team’s chances of reaching the World Cup. The qualification for the 2018 World Cup has just begun in the Asian parts of the world.

As the lowest ranked teams fight it for a place in the final qualification spots, Bhutan will be hoping that their low paid footballers will be able to fight against the top names from Asia. Football in Bhutan struggles for popularity against its number one sport, archery.

Russia ready host 2018 World Cup of Football

Russia is getting ready to host the 2018 World Cup and one of their initial tasks is to rebuild some stadiums which just aren’t fit or prepared to receive all the amount of fans which are going to be travelling there in order to watch their favorite players and nations duke it out in the pitch.

Arena Pobeda is a new stadium which is currently being built on the former site of the Central Stadium between Mamaev Kurgan and the right bank of the Volga. In this pitch there was an old stadium but it’s going to be demolished and rebuilt as a number of changes will be made.

Poor arrangments bring more exposure to World Cup 2014

Long distances between certain matches, extreme climatic conditions, the very limited time for construction of stadiums, all of these are just a few of the factors which caused controversy in the 2014 World Cup.

The latest edition of the World Cup forced a few nations and squads on having to play their respective matches in completely different weather conditions as well as obliging the squad on having to travel long distances within a limited lapse of just a few days before playing in their next match.

United Fan Bet Wrongly And Won

A fan of Manchester United won €1250 after accidentally betting on MK Dons to win their 2nd round of the League Cup match against the team of Louis van Gaal.

It has not been the dream debut of a season that the Dutchman Louis van Gaal was wishing for as he took charge of Manchester United replacing David Moyes but things aren’t going as he hoped for. During the opening match of the season United lost against Swansea City and later had to settle with a 1-1 draw against Sunderland.